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Aaron Locke

Aaron Locke
I like to think of myself as family man. My wife and I have three amazing kids that we chase from sports practices to dance recitals, tech clubs to music lessons. We also have a church family that is important to us and that we spend a lot of time with. I’ve been with the Pitsco family for more than 11 years in various roles and my favorite has been my current role as a Robotics Curriculum Specialist. I graduated from Pittsburg State University, majored in physics, and was a member of the cross country and track teams . . . my running family. I still enjoy running, it’s my way of getting away from it all.

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Smarter robots: Get a sense of these new expansion opportunities

Posted by Aaron Locke on September 24, 2020

Everything is getting smarter these days – from smart devices to smart cars, from smart appliances to smart homes. Now, with the addition of these new sensors, your TETRIX® robots can become smarter as well. Sensors gather input about a robot’s environment and turn that input into data the robot can use.

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FIRST® Championship renews hope for the next generation

Posted by Aaron Locke on May 03, 2018

When was the last time you were truly amazed at something? I don’t mean like, “yeah, that’s cool” amazed. I mean jaw-dropping, “I totally can’t believe what I’m seeing!” amazed. That was me during the third week of April as I attended the world FIRST® Championship in Houston.

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