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50 faves for 50 years – Sharing our STEM picks

For 50+ years, Pitsco Education has been leading education that positively affects learners. And, throughout those 50+ years, we’ve had A LOT of favorite items that have been beloved by educators too. These tried-and-true Pitsco products have empowered educators and students everywhere.

We asked our employees and friends to select their Pitsco picks so that we can share them with our favorite people . . . YOU!


Top 7 Pitsco Faves 

Even though I could talk on and on about all our favorites, let’s explore the top eight. And, don’t just take my word for it, hear from others on why they are a favorite!

1. Metric Dragsters – Getting Started Package

Our CO2 dragsters allow students to design, construct, and race their creations! The Getting Started package provides materials you need to build and finish 50 student dragsters.

2. Straw Rockets – Getting Started Package

Our straw rockets allow students to build and experiment and learn about rocketry all while gaining skills such as creativity, communication, and collaboration! This package has everything you need to rocket forward!

Did you know Pitsco has manufactured 22,845 Straw Rocket Launchers since the product launched in 1999? 

“As the person who is in charge of product development, I view the Straw Rocket Launcher as the ideal product. It has uses for all ages (K-12 and even adults; teaches and reinforces concepts in math, science, engineering, and technology; and is at a price point that most customers can easily afford. And last, but not least, it’s HIGHLY engaging!”
– Matt Frankenbery, vice president of education, 22-year Pitsco employee

3. STREAM Missions

With 45 different titles, students apply knowledge and use imagination to find solutions to real-world challenges while also experiencing career exploration and exposure. You can choose and customize your own STREAM program for Grades 3-5! 

4. Code Cube™ Single Kit

Pamela Scifers, Pitsco’s senior inbound marketing manager and Coding portfolio owner, shares why Code Cube™ is a top fave: “because it provides a really fun, low-cost, and super approachable introduction to coding.” 

Code Cube is a wearable, programmable learning tool that enables students to learn to code and get creative, creating their own animations, colors, and patterns!  

5. Drone Flight Guide Curriculum and Field Elements Kit

Bring drones to your classroom with some competition! The flight guide was developed to introduce students to drones and provide real-world scenarios with challenges and competitions.

“It provides an engaging and low-cost intro to drones with multiple career connections.” 
– Katlie Brynds, digital marketing specialist and STEM portfolio owner, 5-year Pitsco employee

6. Mr. Robot II

Why is Mr. Robot II a fave you ask? “Because . . . robot!! (And the wow factor),” says Annie Edson, international sales enablement specialist. Mr. Robot brings life to robotics. Build and program a five-foot-tall robot that can move forward and backward, lift at the shoulders, bend at the elbows, and turn its head! Plus, you can dress him up and program him to dance! 

7. Expeditions

Last but not least, Pitsco’s STEM and Career Expeditions are a collaborative, creative, future-focused education program designed for Grades 6-9. With 45 titles to choose from, you can customize your perfect CTE, tech, STEM, or exploration solution!

Want to see more of faves? Explore all 50 here!



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