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Doodling’s evolution and drafting in the 21st century

Are you a doodler? Perhaps you fill the makings of your notebook with sketches and drawings? Or maybe you draw on napkins or scrap paper to pass the time? At some point, were probably all doodlers.

Ever wonder if your sketches could come to life? With a few added dimensions and a dash of technology, it can.


Drafting has been around a long time. We can safely assume that since weve had an instrument in our hands, weve been sketching plans and technical drawings and doodling ideas. Lets take a closer look at drafting and its rise from an under-the-radar part of the process to a highly developed skill set.

  • 1970s – The first computer-aided design systems were introduced to the industry. After the design engineers tackled the learning curve of using CAD, their efficiency and productivity went through the roof. Over time, CAD software became affordable and more user-friendly, and its popularity grew.
  • 1990s – CAD software was developed further to include 3-D features, and suddenly the technical drawings of the past became increasingly lifelike and easy to engineer.
  • Present – The evolution of drafting has brought us to the present day, where using 3-D models is the norm and the trend to create full virtual prototypes is hot. Soon, we might not notice the difference between a virtual 3-D object and a real object – crazy, isn’t it?? Who would have thought the evolution of drafting was so high-tech?


At Pitsco Education, we keep evolving too. For many years weve helped support your drawing education needs, especially through our annual Hearlihy Drafting & Supplies catalog. Were transitioning these solutions and supplies to be part of our other catalogs.



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