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2020 Big Book roundup

The year 2020 is sure to bring some pretty awesome things to life – and all of us here at Pitsco Education can confirm that this year we are thrilled to offer more STEM products that will make 2020 epic!

Let’s start by introducing our brand-new products that are featured in the recently launched 2020 Big Book catalog!

Calling All Drone Enthusiasts!

We’ve made integrating drones into your classroom a breeze! We’re excited to offer indoor/outdoor drone arenas, drone curriculum, and a drone competition elements package for middle and high school students. The drone arena is available in two sizes, 10' x 10' and 10' x 20', and is ideal to use outdoors or in a gymnasium, classroom, or school lobby. Check it out online! Keep watch for the release of our drone curriculum in Spring 2020!

Code You Can Wear – Yes, REALLY!

Coding is front and center of the Big Book, and we think it should be the highlight in your classroom as well. Pitsco is proud to offer our very first codable wearable, Code Cube™, to the upper elementary market. Code Cube is designed to teach potentially intimidating coding concepts in a no-fear environment. Students can be coding in fewer than five minutes! Code Cube integrates the A in STEAM as it enables students to develop something creative and personalized – and it appeals to all students! Now, if we could just code the rest of our wardrobe. . . . 

IoT is C-O-O-L

Arduino has done it again, and this time they’ve added Internet of Things (IoT) to the mix. IoT is all the rage right now, and some of the COOLEST products are being invented with IoT! The Arduino Education IoT Starter Kit teaches students in middle school and beyond about using sensors and connected devices, collecting and processing data, and visualizing data to understand its meaning.

Other additional Arduino products include the CTC Go! Motions Expansion Pack and the newest version of the Arduino Engineering Kit, which includes the powerful Arduino Nano 33 IoT, the newest connected board Arduino has to offer. The Arduino Engineering Kit v2 is the ideal solution for university and advanced students, providing a state-of-the-art, hands-on incorporation of Arduino technology in an educational setting.

Makerspace to the MAX

Could your makerspace use a new look? Maybe extra storage or a collaborative workspace? BINGO! Enter the Innovation Workstation and the Pitsco Maker Space Cart Plus. We have exactly what you need. The Innovation Workstation encourages collaboration and ideation in any area. With its portability and storage access, students will be creating in no time! Add in the Maker Space Cart Plus, and your area will be the hub of project inspiration. This new cart is filled with STEM materials, supplies, and equipment to create any type of project. The possibilities are endless! 

Get Your Hands On One

If you’re like me, I love to browse a good catalog. Here’s your chance! Visit our catalog request page to receive one in your mailbox so you can flip the pages to your heart’s content. While you browse, make sure you take note of our free downloads you can access with your smartphone through the QR codes – how handy is that?! Now, if you can’t wait for the mailman, you can download a digital copy.

We love what this book offers, and we’re so glad you are too! Check out this comment from a recent catalog recipient:

“I just wanted to let you know that I just went through your 2020 Big Book catalog and was so very pleased – ecstatic – to see in your photos girls and young women building and doing experiments and even preparing rockets in the aerospace section. WOW! Thank you so much!!! I am a scientist and my son is an aerospace engineer and the ratio of women to men is still far less than one, but with your influence, that may change. Gradually, but eventually.”
– Dr. Heather Boek

If you’re ready to shop, we’ve made that easy too. Just pop over to this section of our shop and see everything new in one place. Cheers to you and your students – and best of luck in 2020! 



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